The It List


Hey guys,

It’s the last day of September and there’s so much stuff I’m OBSESSED with right now, so what better than to share it with all of you….Check it out:

1. My fave actress on the cover of Vogue this month. This video literally had me smiling ear to ear in the office yesterday like a huge psychopath, but she’s just SO friggin cute.

2. Um, K…power fashion couple alert. He is the buying director for and she is the style editor for Harper’s Bazaar Germany. Like is this a cruel joke?

3.  One of my fave fashion movies playing at TIFF…who’s coming?

4. Woke up to this….pretty on point Karl Lagerfeld. So ’70s, so music festival-ish, so HeForShe…wooop.

5. #ClooneyWedding — need I say more? Ok, wait…His wife Amal Alamuddin has pretty killer style. NBD.

6. My favourite fashion blogger Nicole Warne ready for the Valentino show in Paris this morning. That dress…I can’t even.

7. Officially released today…I cannot wait to read this book. I love her.

8. Friggin’ sweet (pun intended) new Bakery alert. They have homemade pop tarts. Yep.

Have a great week!



Monday Obsessions



Hey Guys,

I’m so excited it’s August. It’s my favourite month of the year. And NOT just because it’s my birthday month. It’s the best time of year, when the nights begin to cool off and you can just feel Fall creeping in. I know this makes a lot of you cringe—you summer-lovers—but for me, Fall is always the time of year to look forward to. For one, the September Issue comes out (I’m dying to know who the cover girl is) and another, it’s grown-up “back-to-school” time, AKA go on a shopping spree time (sorry mom).

Anyway, it’s my birthday next weekend I am taking the day off of work (hallelujah), spending the morning at the farmer’s market, probably going to the beach, and then sitting down with my best gal pals for dinner at one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto. Literally, the ideal day for me! Crazy, right?

To get everyone’s week started here’s a list of my Monday Obsessions. Enjoy!

J.Crew has teamed up with my favourite Brooklyn Jewellery Boutique. This is my favourite piece.

The Cov’s Road trip Guide. Amazing. Where to go and what to bring.

I don’t always read my horoscope, but since it’s my birthday month, why not!?

Suit’s fans rejoice. Meghan Markle, AKA Rachel Zane has launched her own lifestyle website. This is my favourite post. [Typical].

Lately, I’ve been obsessing over juice. This juicery and This place are my two go-to’s in the city.

73 Questions with Blake Lively. Such a cute video that makes me mourn the loss of GG. Check out her new lifestyle site.

I’m loving this Converse collaboration. Seriously! Gravity Pope will be selling them come September.

Need a little workout inspiration? This is your new app. It’s like having your own personal trainer in your phone.

Lastly, I’m leaving you with this mouth-weatering recipe. This is happening next Saturday morning in my kitchen.

Have an awesome week


Weekend It-List

Hey Everyone!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m definitely looking forward to unwinding this weekend. After a crazy month of April, I finally have a weekend off from work. Today I’ve planned a coffee date, mani/pedi and morning at the St. Lawrence Farmer’s Market (most likely, throw in an hour of shopping in there too). Later on, I’ve got a night out with my girlfriends to a celebrate a birthday. This is my ideal weekend, with Friday night spent relaxing after work—with a book, obvi— and Sunday spent working on my Thesis. I know, it might sound totally boring, but I cherish this down time. I also love NOT dressing up for work and getting to wear whatever my heart contends (think distressed boyfriend jeans, sneakers, and a baseball tee).

For a little weekend reading I decided to put together an It-List of all the best things in Fashion at the moment:


1. Sophia Webster for J.Crew. Check out these bad-boys. I die. Sadly, they are not sold in Canada, but get your fix online here. Or follow her on Instagram. She is beyond cute and the endless photos of insane shoes don’t hurt either.


2. Emma Stone. Gracing this months cover of Vogue, she is hands down the It-Girl in Hollywood right now. I’ve loved her since her Easy-A days and I cannot get enough of her newly Ombre bangs. Ah-mah-zing. Also don’t forget to see Spiderman 2 this weekend.


3. Hannah Bronfman. The DJ and Co-founder of the Beautified App is notorious for popping up at all the latest fashion events and even debued her first time on the catwalk at Donna Karan this past New York Fashion Week. Be sure to follow her for on Instagram and you’ll catch her dancing like a boss in Beyonce fitness classes. No seriously.


4. The Mean Girls of Fashion. A detailed map of the various cliques in the Fashion industry. So, so Awesome. I mean, like, so Fetch. I CANT EVEN. Brought to you by the Coveteur.


5. Ok, my love of sneakers will never end. This collab between Tibi (like, what!?!) and Vans is beyond me. Get your pair here.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Friday Favourites

Hey All!

I want to apologize for being MIA the last couple weeks. I’ve been trying to put the post on Chicago together but my IPhoto seems to be going a little haywire at the moment. Please stay tuned—I promise I will get one out there because the trip was beyond amazing and my sisters and I found the best places to eat and shop!

Some great news: (1) I am finally finished my undergrad (I wrote my final exam last week), (2) I’m finally 22 (also happened last week), And (3),  I just signed the lease for my new apartment in Toronto!! As of September 9th I will be living in Maple Leaf Square so please come visit!

In terms of my Friday Favourites, I wanted to put together a couple  trends and things that have been crossing my path this last week—and pretty much have me drooling.

1. Ombre Nails: I’ve been searching for new nail trends and this is one I saw on fellow blogger Chi City Fashion’s Instagram. I will definitely be trying this nail trend in the last few weeks of summer. Also on my radar are leather nails and beaded nails—as I just picked up two polishes at Sephora in Chicago. I’ll report back once I’ve given them a try.

2. Jennifer Lawrence on the cover of September Vogue. This is—hands down—my favourite magazine cover, ever. Not only am I in love with J Law, but I think it is beyond cool that she is on the cover of my favourite issue of the year (September issues = bigger & better than all the rest of the months!).

I also have to point out that her chopped locks look FAB! Congrats Jennifer Lawrence, I can’t wait for your next comedic interview (or fall).


3. This Healthy(ish) Kale and Ricotta Pasta Recipe I made on Monday, since my parents are away all week and I have to cook for myself (sigh). 

It’s super easy and tastes really good. Simply boil 2 1/2 cups of Kamut Penne Pasta until tender. In a large sauté pan cook up 2 cloves of garlic and about 3 cups of Kale with a little olive oil. Dump in the pasta and add 1 cup of ricotta cheese, 1/2 cup of grated parmesan, salt, pepper, and a little freshly squeezed lemon juice. For a little more punch, add half a cup of chopped up pistachios.  Serves 3-4.


4. A makeup tutorial on how to look like Miranda Kerr. Who wouldn’t want to look like her?

5. Fashion Blogger Julia Engel of Gal Meets GlamI’ve recently become obsessed with Gal Meets Glam. I love her girly style and how she incoporates high-end designers with lower-priced retailers. Her outfit from yesterday really hit home for me because, not only did it include a cute black leather skirt (which I am currently craving), but a striped top with heart elbow patches! So adorable. Check her out!


I hope you enjoyed my Friday Favourites!

Happy Weekend & get ready for my Chicago posting coming as soon as I fix IPhoto!