Weekend Reading


 Happy Friday everyone!

So I’m officially back in Toronto and much to my luck it is not freezing cold (what is a polar vortex anyway?). Although, whilst being back I was predicting resuming my position of being overloaded and stressed out with work and school, I have come to the gratifying realization that this semester is going to be rather restrained. I only have class twice a week…which lets me have a 5 day weekend. On top of that work is way less busy giving me extra time to do whatever my heart contends. I plan on more blog posts, more new restaurants, cafes, workouts, cooking and much more.

Since it’s Friday and officially the weekend I wanted to give you all a list of what I’m currently excited about.

1. The cover of Vogue February 2014. Absolutely love.

2. Targets latest collaboration with Peter Pilotto. In particular, this dress.

3. Bisous, Bisous. This outfit is amazing. Thank you Gary Pepper Girl!

4. This awesome fitness clothing store. Check out the selection of Nikes! I die.

5. Funny gals. This book (adequately provides you with nonstop laughter and weird looks from others in the airport). And this hilarious duo. I can’t get enough.

6. This list of the Best Cafes in Toronto. It is my goal to hit each and every one.

7. This post on the 7 Habits of Highly Stylish People.

8. The perfect winter glow. And cute packaging doesn’t hurt either.

9. One of New Yorks finest reaches Toronto. Trying this sweet spot next weekend.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Talk soon.