Monday Obsessions



Hey Guys,

I’m so excited it’s August. It’s my favourite month of the year. And NOT just because it’s my birthday month. It’s the best time of year, when the nights begin to cool off and you can just feel Fall creeping in. I know this makes a lot of you cringe—you summer-lovers—but for me, Fall is always the time of year to look forward to. For one, the September Issue comes out (I’m dying to know who the cover girl is) and another, it’s grown-up “back-to-school” time, AKA go on a shopping spree time (sorry mom).

Anyway, it’s my birthday next weekend I am taking the day off of work (hallelujah), spending the morning at the farmer’s market, probably going to the beach, and then sitting down with my best gal pals for dinner at one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto. Literally, the ideal day for me! Crazy, right?

To get everyone’s week started here’s a list of my Monday Obsessions. Enjoy!

J.Crew has teamed up with my favourite Brooklyn Jewellery Boutique. This is my favourite piece.

The Cov’s Road trip Guide. Amazing. Where to go and what to bring.

I don’t always read my horoscope, but since it’s my birthday month, why not!?

Suit’s fans rejoice. Meghan Markle, AKA Rachel Zane has launched her own lifestyle website. This is my favourite post. [Typical].

Lately, I’ve been obsessing over juice. This juicery and This place are my two go-to’s in the city.

73 Questions with Blake Lively. Such a cute video that makes me mourn the loss of GG. Check out her new lifestyle site.

I’m loving this Converse collaboration. Seriously! Gravity Pope will be selling them come September.

Need a little workout inspiration? This is your new app. It’s like having your own personal trainer in your phone.

Lastly, I’m leaving you with this mouth-weatering recipe. This is happening next Saturday morning in my kitchen.

Have an awesome week



Weekend It-List

Hey Everyone!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m definitely looking forward to unwinding this weekend. After a crazy month of April, I finally have a weekend off from work. Today I’ve planned a coffee date, mani/pedi and morning at the St. Lawrence Farmer’s Market (most likely, throw in an hour of shopping in there too). Later on, I’ve got a night out with my girlfriends to a celebrate a birthday. This is my ideal weekend, with Friday night spent relaxing after work—with a book, obvi— and Sunday spent working on my Thesis. I know, it might sound totally boring, but I cherish this down time. I also love NOT dressing up for work and getting to wear whatever my heart contends (think distressed boyfriend jeans, sneakers, and a baseball tee).

For a little weekend reading I decided to put together an It-List of all the best things in Fashion at the moment:


1. Sophia Webster for J.Crew. Check out these bad-boys. I die. Sadly, they are not sold in Canada, but get your fix online here. Or follow her on Instagram. She is beyond cute and the endless photos of insane shoes don’t hurt either.


2. Emma Stone. Gracing this months cover of Vogue, she is hands down the It-Girl in Hollywood right now. I’ve loved her since her Easy-A days and I cannot get enough of her newly Ombre bangs. Ah-mah-zing. Also don’t forget to see Spiderman 2 this weekend.


3. Hannah Bronfman. The DJ and Co-founder of the Beautified App is notorious for popping up at all the latest fashion events and even debued her first time on the catwalk at Donna Karan this past New York Fashion Week. Be sure to follow her for on Instagram and you’ll catch her dancing like a boss in Beyonce fitness classes. No seriously.


4. The Mean Girls of Fashion. A detailed map of the various cliques in the Fashion industry. So, so Awesome. I mean, like, so Fetch. I CANT EVEN. Brought to you by the Coveteur.


5. Ok, my love of sneakers will never end. This collab between Tibi (like, what!?!) and Vans is beyond me. Get your pair here.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Fall Shoe Wish List

Happy Wednesday.
Since I’ve been on reading week the past couple days, I have had more than a little time to daydream and browse online for some fall shoes. I put together a list of my all time favourites that I have been drooling over for the last month now and need to buy soon or else I may go a little crazy!  Enjoy!

Fall Shoe Wish List

Fall Favourites

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Happy Fall!

I cannot stress enough my love for Fall. You know how most people dream of warm summer nights and sunny days at the beach? I dream of crisp Fall mornings, leaves changing colours and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. The September Issue of Vogue and Back to School Shopping are also added perks. I’ve recently moved out to Toronto and have spent the last couple weeks getting settled in my new apartment (photos to come). Let me tell you, decorating from scratch is not an easy thing… blank canvases can be a gift or they can be the death of you (so many options!). I’ve just started the Masters of Fashion program at Ryerson and have met lots of lovely people in Toronto. This Friday I really wanted to do a Fall Favourites post since back to school/fall shopping is my favourite time of the year. Here’s what made the list this season:

Fall Favourites
J.Crew Elbow-Patch Sweater / J.Crew Horse Sweatshirt / Acne Beanie / Aritzia Vest / Babaton Wool Coat/ Kate Spade Beau Bag/ Alexander Wang Booties / Smythson Notebook / Talula Skirt / Elizabeth and James Glasses / Valentino Flats  / Wilfred Camo Pants

One of my favourite trends of the season is Camo and I can’t get enough of these Camo print Wilfred Pants from Aritzia. Pair them with a Tee and sneakers for a casual look or dress them up with a pair of heels and leather top at night.

Another great trend is the sweatshirt which has been showcasing great prints and quirky texts this season. I love this horse sweatshirt from J.Crew which adds a preppy edge to any outfit.

Fall wouldn’t be fall without a cozy sweater. This elbow-patch sweater from J.Crew comes in a variety of colours to suit anyone’s preference. On cooler days pair this sweater with a great pair of jeans and riding boots and layer up with an oxford underneath.

I’ve recently started a collection of toques….this Acne beanie is simple and can be added to almost any outfit.

Another item on my Fall wish list is this wool vest from Aritzia. An investment piece for sure, it can be layered over any sweater or top for when the temperatures start to drop.

When the weather permits I love a good wool coat. Although I purchased the hooded Babaton wool coat in Black last season I can’t help but drool over this camel colour which looks divine with black leather leggings and booties. Camel + Black =  Fall Perfection.

My It-Bag of the season is Kate Spade’s Beau Bag, which I’ve seen on every fashion blog this last month. Classic with a hint of girly charm this bag can be paired with any outfit.  As for my It-Shoes, I searched every store and website for the perfect pair of flat black ankle booties, and didn’t rest until I found these amazing Alexander Wang booties. The ankle strap adds a delicate edge that most booties lack and I can’t seem to stop staring at.

Since I’m now a graduate student I felt it was necessary to upgrade my usual Five Star paper notebooks to a sophisticated leather back notebook like this one from Smythson. Also for added sophistication are these Elizabeth and James ombre eye-glasses which add the perfect geek-chic to any outfit.

For going out I love this metallic mini from Aritzia. Simply pair it with a Tee and heels and you’re good to go.

Last, but not least, I love a good pair of flats for Fall. Before the snow starts falling and Ontario weather only permits tall boots, I suggest you get as much wear out of our favourite flats. I’ve been drooling over these Valentino studded flats for the last year and seriously hope one day I can afford them….

I hope you enjoyed my extensive fall shopping wish list. On a side note, I have a new project I am working on for one my classes in which I am going to create a blogging website from scratch. Stay tuned for more info to come!


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Airplane Style

Hey Everyone!

Happy July! I’m sorry I havn’t posted in the last two weeks, but I’ve been a little crazy busy with my new position as Online Intern for Western Living Magazine. I’m learning a lot about coding and HTML, which isn’t very fun, but as many of you bloggers or computer nerds know well – is very useful.

Anyway, I’m so excited for this Saturday, in which I am leaving on a girl’s trip with my sisters and mom to Chicago! A while back, I had passed through the city, staying briefly overnight, and completely fell in love with it. From the jaw-dropping architecture to the Magnificent Mile, I love everything about Chicago. I’ll be bringing my camera in order to document the trip and give you a Playing Tourist piece that tells you all the chic places to shop, eat, and play! For now, I wanted to share with you my airplane style:

Airplane Style
The Row maxi dress / Alexander Wang Sandals / Madewell leather tote / Kate Spade Ipad mini Case / Fresh sugar lip treatment / Lululemon Water bottle / Flight 001 Eye Mask / J.Crew Passport Holder/ Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones

(1) After flying back and forth between Vancouver and Toronto about a zillion times, I have come to the conclusion that when travelling, you want to (A) be comfortable and (B) travel light. Even though you are going for comfort, you don’t want to sacrifice style, so I suggest a long jersey knit Maxi dress (preferably not strapless – you don’t want to be tugging it up all flight) and a simple jean jacket to go with it. I’ll occasionally bring along a cozy waffle-knit scarf that doubles as a blanket for when your inconsiderate seat-mate decides to blast the air-conditioning.

(2)  I recommend you leave heavy metals at home. You want to make the process of going through security as smooth as possible, therefore setting the metal detectors off is not exactly acceptable in the name of fashion. This also goes for shoes. Since removing your shoes is usually required, pack your strappy-sandals away in your suitcase and dawn a pair of slip-on sandals like these chic Alexander Wang ones shown above.

(3) Because flying is super dehydrating I recommend you bring your own water bottle to fill up. I unfortunately learned the hard way not to carry any water in your bottle before you go through security (goodbye Lululemon water bottle, safe travels in LAX).

(4) When deciding what to bring on the plane, I suggest you ask yourself what you will actually need. And once you’ve put together a list of a couple things, I suggest you ask yourself which of these things you will actually need. When on shorter flights (2-6 hours) you should limit yourself to (A) some form of entertainment,  (B) water (and snacks?), and (3) Lip Balm since the cabin get’s so dry. My personal favourite is Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, which comes in a variety of tinted colours and also features SPF 15 (yay sun protection!). I also like to bring along my iPad (with a cute case, of course) so I can easily download magazines and books instead of tote around ten pounds worth of paper. Once you’ve decided what to bring on the plane with you, I like to pack everything in a light weight tote bag that lets you easily access your items.

(5) Lastly, whether you’re on a red-eye or not, and you want to sleep, I highly recommend (A) an eye-mask, (B) noise-cancelling headphones, and (C) one or two Gravels. Airplanes can be extremely loud and bright,  and when you’re trying to sleep that’s probably all you’ll be thinking about. The noise-cancelling headphones will also allow you to watch the latest episode of Suits in peace (hello, airplane engines, be quiet?).

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my airplane style guide and stay tuned for my post on Chicago!

Safe Travels!


Long Weekend Travel Essentials

Hey Everyone!
Happy Summer! Since it’s officially summer (although not according to Vancouver weather) and it’s the beginning of the long weekend I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share my travel essentials with you. I was hoping to get away this weekend before I start working full time in an office for the rest of summer (Hello internship with Western Living!), however, I unknowingly booked tickets way back in November for the Taylor Swift concert this Saturday… not that I’m complaining.
If I were to be going to say Palm Springs or the Okanagan this weekend, this is something along the lines of what I would be packing:
Travel Essentials
First and foremost I think summer is the best time to experiment with cute patterns and prints. My personal favourite are stripes, however, I like to try out new colourful prints when the sun comes out. I keep eyeing this banana leaf print at Topshop and think these shorts would go divinely with the pretty eyelet top from Aritzia. When at the pool, go for a bright print such as this floral bikini from TopShop. 
Second, skin care is of the utmost importance (who wants wrinkles?) and the perfect way to get extra coverage is to accessorize! Cover up your face with this seasons Panama hat, like the one from J.crew, and these houndstooth print sunnies by Quay. But just because you look super cute, doesn’t mean you can forget sunblock! Try my favourite skincare brand Philosophy, which provides you with an oil free moisturizer that gives you, not only a rosy glow, but a SPF coverage of 30.
Third, when travelling I like to bring along my IPad, books and old fashion magazines to read by the pool. Dawn this pretty eyelet tote by Tory Burch, which can go on the plane or to the beach. Don’t forget to bring along some fun extras like this Popsicle coin purse and Travelling Journal (to document all the best restaurants and shops, of course) from Kate Spade. 
Finally, at nighttime, I like to keep it casual and comfy. I’m all about relaxation to the max and that means hanging up your heels for the weekend. Put on a comfy Midi dress like this striped one from TopShop and pair it with a flat sandal like this simple black pair by Marais. 
My last travel essential is to just have fun and relax. Try to keep the laptop and cell phone usage to a minimum and simply enjoy yourself!
I hope my travel essentials have inspired you to try new prints this summer. Stay tuned for a post on shopping trip essentials when I go to Chicago next month!
Have a fun and safe long weekend!