Get Fit Now.


Hey Everyone!

I know it’s a big resolution to get fit and healthy but I think this should just be a given in life. You will not only feel better, but you might actually lose a few pounds and boost your confidence in the process. Being physically fit can also reap amazing benefits to your mental health, leaving you happier, stress-free and more calm. Getting healthy isn’t just about working out, it’s about eating well and taking of yourself.

Here’s a list of things to get your fitness goals on track today.

1. Start eating healthy! No excuses for all of you on a budget.

 2. The Best work out gear brought to you by Stripes & Sequins gal Grace Atwood.

3. The best fitness apps for your phone. I’m talking personal trainers and Zombie apocalypse games to get you running fast.

4. Give your health kick a boost with these detox approved recipes.

5. Healthy Chocolate Recipes.…we’ll take it. Don’t forget a good Paleo cookie recipe too!

6.  The Best Fitness Technology to give you a little push.

7. My favourite yoga studio Y Yoga has finally come to Toronto. Here’s a whole list of the best yoga studios in Toronto.

8. Don’t want to fork up the cash to join a new gym? Check out these YouTube Channels for Exercise at Home.

9. Treat yourself to a new pair of kicks. These are my fave. These ones are pretty cool too.

Now get off your computers and hit the gym!