Weekend It-List


Hey guys!

I am currently in the process of revamping my blog so here’s a quick list of awesomeness to kick off your weekend.

1. Two of my favourite things (Fashion & Food): The Coveteur hangs out with the Momofuku Milk Bar Chef

2. For Vancouverites: A new supercool restaurant to try. And another new favourite restaurant.

3. Canadian Genie Bouchard has made it to the finals at Wimbledon.

4. Toronto: It’s the season for BBQ so here’s your next place to try.

5. Cool outfit inspiration with Madewell.

6. The Best Pizza Places in NYC.

7. My new fave place to get a Mani in TO.

8. Vancouver: Your favourite food truck is opening it’s second restaurant location in gastown.

9. Best bookstore in TO.

10. Allergy sufferers can go worry-free at this new place on Queen West.

11. A few snack recipes to try. My favourite is the avocado chocolate pudding!

12. One of my favourite fashion mavens just got married and I absolutely love her take on the wedding dress.

Stay tuned for my blog re-launch and have a great weekend!



Playing Tourist: Gastown

Hey Everyone!

A couple weeks ago, while driving to Y Yoga in Yaletown, my friend Jess and I came to the realization that we were lacking knowledge in the Vancouver tourist department. In other words, if someone came up to us on the street and asked us where the cool places to eat or shop were, we wouldn’t have a clue what to tell them. Therefore, we decided we were in dire need of playing tourists in our own city! Since we are only here in the summer and we don’t really do much, we thought it was the perfect time to take advantage of all the cool places around town.

Our first territory we decided to cover was Gastown.

Where to Eat: 

A long while back we decided we wanted to try Gorilla Food located at 101-436 Richards St. (Just outside of Gastown). Being that eating clean and healthy is all the rage in Vancouver right now, we are all about trying Gluten-free and Vegan restaurants around town. This restaurant offers just that…and I know what you’re thinking – Vegan? Eww. But don’t fret. I, myself, am not a Vegan, but I thoroughly enjoyed the food. Friendly staff, healthy pastas, pizzas and desserts; what more could a girl want? Try the pesto pizza, lasagna, or simply dip a toe in by ordering a green smoothie and you are sure to become hooked on these healthy alternatives. (Ps. Don’t be thrown off by the tattoo parlour or grungy surrounding neighbourhood…the food is worth it. I promise!)


{The Pesto Pizza}


{A wall of crackers, vegan cookbooks and other dried foods}


{The Lasagna}


{Vegan treats}


Other Good Eat Suggestions: 

The Flying Pig:  Located at 102 Water Street this is a local favourite also located in Yaletown. The menu consists of local and seasonally inspired eats and are sure to make you come back for more. Try Andrew’s Pulled-Pork Poutine or the Queen Charlotte Halibut which features mouth-watering Yukon Gold potato Gnocchi on the side. They also serve brunch and do a fun happy-hour, so stop by any time of the day!


Nu If you’re looking for a quick and non-expensive fix, try Nu Greek Food. Located at 332 Water Street, this little place has amazing eats! Try a Chickpea and Mint Salad or go for the Lunch Plate, which features the classic chicken skewer, greek salad and pita for only $9.


Where to Shop: 

L’Atelier Home: This little boutique accommodates the cutest decor and treats for your home. Located at 442 W. Cordova, L’Atelier is a must-see place if you are looking to add a girly charm to your home. Come the end of summer, I will definitly be stopping by to pick up a few goodies prior to setting up my apartment in Toronto.

On my Wish List:

(1) A Silver Moroccan Pouf 

(2) Volupsa Candles

(3) Moustache Corkscrew 

(4) Heart Measuring Spoons


{Volupsa Candles}


{Teacups & Trinkets}


Other Suggestions

One Of a Few:  At 354 Water street, this clothing boutique carries a collection of unique pieces. Pick up a pare of Rachel Comey Booties or something special by Creatures of Comfort. Bring a patient friend along because you may be trying everything on here.


Old Faithful ShopPut this shop on high priority in your list of places to visit. This modern general store at 320 W Cordova is home to one of the cutest French Bull dogs and you will find a great variety of goods for the home, ranging from Stationary to Garden tools.


{Doggy House in the Cash Desk}


{Cute cards}



Even if you think you’re quite familiar with the streets of Gastown, be it you’re one of the many who patrol the cobblestones after a night out at the Lamplighter, this little part of Vancouver will not fail to impress you during the day.

 Stay tuned for a Playing Tourist post on Yaletown and Kitsilano!