Get Fit Now.


Hey Everyone!

I know it’s a big resolution to get fit and healthy but I think this should just be a given in life. You will not only feel better, but you might actually lose a few pounds and boost your confidence in the process. Being physically fit can also reap amazing benefits to your mental health, leaving you happier, stress-free and more calm. Getting healthy isn’t just about working out, it’s about eating well and taking of yourself.

Here’s a list of things to get your fitness goals on track today.

1. Start eating healthy! No excuses for all of you on a budget.

 2. The Best work out gear brought to you by Stripes & Sequins gal Grace Atwood.

3. The best fitness apps for your phone. I’m talking personal trainers and Zombie apocalypse games to get you running fast.

4. Give your health kick a boost with these detox approved recipes.

5. Healthy Chocolate Recipes.…we’ll take it. Don’t forget a good Paleo cookie recipe too!

6.  The Best Fitness Technology to give you a little push.

7. My favourite yoga studio Y Yoga has finally come to Toronto. Here’s a whole list of the best yoga studios in Toronto.

8. Don’t want to fork up the cash to join a new gym? Check out these YouTube Channels for Exercise at Home.

9. Treat yourself to a new pair of kicks. These are my fave. These ones are pretty cool too.

Now get off your computers and hit the gym!



New Year, New(ish) You


Happy 2014 Everyone!

I hope you all had an amazing NYE. I have to admit I went to bed before the News Years countdown even began, but the night nevertheless was a big reminder of the New Year to come and all the resolutions I should be making. Despite my resentment towards resolutions, I think New Years is a great starting point to begin a new activity or try something new in you’re beauty regime. Here are a few ideas to kick off the New Year that won’t leave you overwhelmed or angry because you won’t be able to break these.


1. Give Yourself a Subtle, Yet Effective Hair Makeover. Try a little change in your hair color or cut. Recently I asked my hair stylist to do something different with my hair. She suggested Ombré. I was very nervous, but was tired with my usual routine so I agreed to it. She simply darkened the top half of my hair to match my natural hair colour and added a few lighter highlights to the bottom. The effect equaled no more roots, which has been an issue for me with keeping lighter hues. I feel like I never have to dye my hair again, which is perfect since I’m trying to grow it long! I commend her for it. Don’t forget to take care of your ends; check out this post on the best hair treatments to try.

Tip: Don’t go overboard. You’ll want to keep your ombré within three shades of each other in order to keep from making a stark (and most likely unflattering) contrast of colour.


2. Get Active. Tired of the gym? Is the notion of New Years resolutions nagging at you to work out more? Switch up your routine. Join a new gym that offers unlimited classes and try each and every class (Boot Camp, Barre Method, Kick-boxing, Hot Yoga…the list goes on). What do you have to lose? Calories? Find what you like best and stick with it for a couple weeks. When you get bored, try focusing on a different class. Cute workout clothes don’t hurt either. Get a new pair of running shoes, a comfortable pair of leggings, and a cute top to complete your look. What more incentive do you need?


3. Treat Yourself. During the winter, especially in the city, I find I get a little bogged down and stressed out. The weather is cold and dreary, school and work build up, and it seems as if you’ll never catch a break. I like to schedule nights to myself. Know you have a Friday night off? Book a manicure at your favourite salon. Try a new shade. Then go home, make a delicious dinner (or dessert) and pour yourself a glass of wine. Light a candle, and put on your favourite TV Show. Girls is back on so make sure you set your PVRs. Quality you-time is essential. You’re friends will understand.

road trip

4. Explore New Places. I would tell you all to go backpacking for a few months, but some of you either don’t have the time or money to jet off to Europe or some exotic location. Simply planning a weekend road trip with friends to a near-by city is well-worth your time and happiness. Want to visit a few East Coast cities? Check out this chic travel guide that takes you from New York to Boston and Vermont.


5. Try a New Healthy Recipe. I recently bought this cookbook (and this one) and cannot wait to try out a few new recipes. We get stuck making the same things over and over because it’s quick and we are busy. Or else we revert to ordering something on the go, which is most likely full of calories. Be Kind to your body and give it the proper nutrients it needs. Check out this post on 25 healthy recipes for the New Year.


6. Makeover Your Space. The New Year inspires many to de-clutter their spaces. If you’re going for the whole fresh start vibe, try revamping your home decor. Little changes such as different colour throw pillows, new coffee table books or wall prints can make a world of difference and can help provide a reminder to look forward to the future and new beginnings.

Hope everyone has an amazing start to 2014.


Saturday Reading


Hey There!

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas spent with family and friends. I’m so grateful that my holiday break extends until January 13th and I am officially on holidays from work as of today. I will be spending my two weeks in Palm Springs exploring some new restaurants and reading by the pool. LA will also be getting a visit from me….in particular The Grove and Disneyland with my niece and nephew.

Today I’m just sharing a few things that have sparked some interest this week:

1. This post on the poem Brad Pitt wrote to his wife. It is something that all men should read.

2. This beauty product. I am not a fan of oil on the face, but this stuff makes your skin extremely moisturized and smooth. Try it!

3. For all of you Vancouverites who want to get out of the city. Head down to Seattle for the weekend and read this post before you go with tips on where to eat, stay and play.

4. These books. I recently got my parents the West Coast one and it provides a 36-hour overview of what to do in West Coast cities. Perfect for their drives down to Palm Springs.

5. This Dress for NYE that I’m in love with. Perhaps paired with these shoes.

6. This guide to New York. Absolutely amazing. If you plan on visiting New York, or simply already live there, this is the guide to follow. I promise.

7. This 15-minute-workout for all you ladies who just don’t have time to hit the gym this holiday season. Also loving it Girl Adrianne Ho’s Fitness and Lifestyle Blog: Sweat the Style.

8. For any of those going away on vacation like myself, I suggest reading this article on how to pack, with tips from the top Fashion Stylists. If you’re simply going away for the weekend it wouldn’t hurt to tote one of these around.

As you can tell I’m a little obsessed with travel right now. Hope you guys found some good ideas.

Happy holidays and vacationing!