Monday Obsessions



Hey Guys,

I’m so excited it’s August. It’s my favourite month of the year. And NOT just because it’s my birthday month. It’s the best time of year, when the nights begin to cool off and you can just feel Fall creeping in. I know this makes a lot of you cringe—you summer-lovers—but for me, Fall is always the time of year to look forward to. For one, the September Issue comes out (I’m dying to know who the cover girl is) and another, it’s grown-up “back-to-school” time, AKA go on a shopping spree time (sorry mom).

Anyway, it’s my birthday next weekend I am taking the day off of work (hallelujah), spending the morning at the farmer’s market, probably going to the beach, and then sitting down with my best gal pals for dinner at one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto. Literally, the ideal day for me! Crazy, right?

To get everyone’s week started here’s a list of my Monday Obsessions. Enjoy!

J.Crew has teamed up with my favourite Brooklyn Jewellery Boutique. This is my favourite piece.

The Cov’s Road trip Guide. Amazing. Where to go and what to bring.

I don’t always read my horoscope, but since it’s my birthday month, why not!?

Suit’s fans rejoice. Meghan Markle, AKA Rachel Zane has launched her own lifestyle website. This is my favourite post. [Typical].

Lately, I’ve been obsessing over juice. This juicery and This place are my two go-to’s in the city.

73 Questions with Blake Lively. Such a cute video that makes me mourn the loss of GG. Check out her new lifestyle site.

I’m loving this Converse collaboration. Seriously! Gravity Pope will be selling them come September.

Need a little workout inspiration? This is your new app. It’s like having your own personal trainer in your phone.

Lastly, I’m leaving you with this mouth-weatering recipe. This is happening next Saturday morning in my kitchen.

Have an awesome week



Weekend It-List


Hey Guys,

Blog Update: I have a new NAME picked out for my blog. Only took a year or so to figure out—no biggie. Stay tuned to find out what it is!

For now, here’s the weekly round-up of my latest obsessions:

Chrissy Teigan is by far my favourite model and here’s one reason why (other than her being insanely hilarious).

Everyone knows I love a good guide to Brooklyn. Can’t wait for my next trip!

The perfect summer treat. Seriously.

The ultimate shoe that needs to get in my closet (or on my feet).

 A Summer salad to try from Chapter Friday—hint: Watermelon Radishes are involved.

My new favourite TV show.

This week’s coffee shop of choice. (I’ve visited 3 out of 4 of their locations this week—coffee addiction?).

Thank god for this super awesome list of flat shoes— I still havn’t conquered heels (let’s be honest, probably never will).

Why, yes. I would love for MK & A to design my wedding dress—NBD.

Pretty happy about this month’s cover of Elle.

Been dreaming about Vancouver lately. A Granville Island shop to check out when I’m back.

Lastly, I’m leaving you with one of my favourite blog posts this week from Paris in Four Months. Beautiful photography.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Weekend It-List


Hey guys!

I am currently in the process of revamping my blog so here’s a quick list of awesomeness to kick off your weekend.

1. Two of my favourite things (Fashion & Food): The Coveteur hangs out with the Momofuku Milk Bar Chef

2. For Vancouverites: A new supercool restaurant to try. And another new favourite restaurant.

3. Canadian Genie Bouchard has made it to the finals at Wimbledon.

4. Toronto: It’s the season for BBQ so here’s your next place to try.

5. Cool outfit inspiration with Madewell.

6. The Best Pizza Places in NYC.

7. My new fave place to get a Mani in TO.

8. Vancouver: Your favourite food truck is opening it’s second restaurant location in gastown.

9. Best bookstore in TO.

10. Allergy sufferers can go worry-free at this new place on Queen West.

11. A few snack recipes to try. My favourite is the avocado chocolate pudding!

12. One of my favourite fashion mavens just got married and I absolutely love her take on the wedding dress.

Stay tuned for my blog re-launch and have a great weekend!


Monday Obsessions


Hey Guys

So I’ve been a little MIA from the blog lately. Sorry ’bout that, but I’ve just been too wrapped up with life!

First off, I just submitted my thesis proposal in which I am going to spend the next year looking at the strategic differences in content and target readerships of Vogue and—woohoo!

Second, I just started my super awesome internship at S/Style Magazine. As the editorial intern I’ve been conjuring up a few great stories for the website that I can’t wait to share with you.

Third, I’ve been traveling a bit. I went home to Vancouver for Mother’s Day weekend to surprise my mom for her birthday. I got to see my supercool pregnant sister looking fabulous with only a month to go! Super excited to be an Auntie again!

Also chopped my hair off when I went home and am loving the shorter style! It’s way easier to deal with and a whole lot healthier.

Fourth, I went to NYC to visit my BFF Ali. I didn’t think it was possible to fall more in love with New York than I already was—but yes, after this trip, I found out it’s indeed possible. Planning on heading down again in the next couple months, but I might not come back. I LOVE IT.

Anyways, I wanted to put together a little list of my favourite things this Monday!! Seriously, take a gander:

1.  It’s summer. Which also translates into patio season. Throw away you’re boring old G&T’s and make something that’s actually tasty. This is what I’m making this weekend:


Blackberry Ginger Smash via hungrygirlporvida }

2. Short hair. I can’t get enough! Thinking of going a little shorter like this gal’s hair below (also this dress rocks):


{ image via Vogue UK }

3. Recipe to Try: Truffle FriesSeriously, if anyone ever made these for me I would be VERY impressed.


image via Town & Country }

4. The sweetest engagement photos EVER of Margo and Me blogger Jenny and her fiancé. So cute it makes me sick.


image via Margo and Me }

5. Loving this story: Health Guru Bonberi’s 5 Steps to a Healthy Summer. By the Coveteur. Everything from morning meditation to hydrating mixers—read up fellow [fashionable] health nuts.


{ image via The Coveteur }

6. Mindy Kaling in the Vogue Closet. Hilarious.

Have a good Monday everyone!


Monday Obsessions


Hey Ya’ll,

It’s been two weeks of hell….from pouring my blood, sweat and tears into finals while working 50 plus hours at both J.Crew and Ryerson to figuring out the whole summer internship thing. I’m finally done finals, but I still have my thesis proposal paper to complete in the next two weeks. My research focus is on the online fashion publication and how print magazines can succeed on the web. It’s going to be one long year working on my thesis but I can’t wait to dig in and really get started with research in the next couple weeks.

I’ve got a busy, but fun month of May to look forward to—from Vancouver one weekend to NYC another—and I am definitely ready for a little fun. All work and no play makes for one unhappy gal.

Here’s a little list of awesomeness to get you through this Monday morning.

Kate Moss, Cara Delevinge, TopShop….watch this for a little preview of the amazing collaboration that hits stores April 30th

I’m obsessed with this sporty dress….simply pair it with these sandals and this bag and you’re good to go…easy dressing at its finest.

It’s job-hunting season so read this before your next big interview.

I’m a long time loyal customer to Nordstrom and everyone knows I love a good printed Nike Airmax…check out my latest favourite closet on The Coveteur.

As many of my days are spent staring at my laptop computer screen, a knowledge of the best cafes in Toronto is a necessary feat. R Squared Cafe, located at Queen West, is honestly one of my favourite cafes…ever. Plenty of tables for studying, functioning wifi, and an awesome selection of coffee drinks on the menu. What more could you want?

Bow-Down B*tches! If you havn’t already seen this months cover of Time Magazine….Queen B is rocking it as one of the 100 most influential people.

A peek inside the infamous Vogue creative director Grace Coddington’s New York Apartment….(Obviously, I’m obsessed with her feline friend)

And finally: One of my favourite Vancouver stores now has a pop-up shop on Queen West! Hooray!

Have yourselves a lovely, stress-free week!


Weekend Reading


OH happy day! It’s the weekend.

Stoked it’s the weekend. Been battling a cold and homework while at the same time pulling all-nighters at the store! Joy. No Sleep + Being Sick = Never getting better. Tonight, after not going to bed until 5am this morning for a few measly hours of interrupted sleep, I am going to finally attend Toronto Fashion Week. A few friends and I are hitting up Stephan Caras and then going out for dinner. Even though I am insanely tired and probably burnt out, I am very much excited to finally get to a show this week. And then I’m also equally excited to go to bed after. And the next night. As for you lucky readers, I put together a mash up of my favourite things on the internet this week.

1.  A Few tips from Vogue:  Stay in shape with Nike.

2. Have you seen the new Clueless Music Video?

3. It’s finally Spring (at least according to the date). Check out the best floral outfits for this season.

4. Love this article about things Creative People do differently.

5. Spring Trends by the letters A-Z.

6. I can’t get enough of Between Two Ferns with  Zack Galifanakis and Obama . Great way to advertise Obamacare! While on the topic of the Obamas, you should probably also watch this.

7. Call me Drunk In Love with these sweatshirts.

8. Does Drinking Make You Funnier?  Only way to know is to ask someone sober right?

9. Brought to you by the creator of cronuts, how genius are these?

Hope you have an awesome weekend. And get some sleep!