The It List


Hey guys,

It’s the last day of September and there’s so much stuff I’m OBSESSED with right now, so what better than to share it with all of you….Check it out:

1. My fave actress on the cover of Vogue this month. This video literally had me smiling ear to ear in the office yesterday like a huge psychopath, but she’s just SO friggin cute.

2. Um, K…power fashion couple alert. He is the buying director for and she is the style editor for Harper’s Bazaar Germany. Like is this a cruel joke?

3.  One of my fave fashion movies playing at TIFF…who’s coming?

4. Woke up to this….pretty on point Karl Lagerfeld. So ’70s, so music festival-ish, so HeForShe…wooop.

5. #ClooneyWedding — need I say more? Ok, wait…His wife Amal Alamuddin has pretty killer style. NBD.

6. My favourite fashion blogger Nicole Warne ready for the Valentino show in Paris this morning. That dress…I can’t even.

7. Officially released today…I cannot wait to read this book. I love her.

8. Friggin’ sweet (pun intended) new Bakery alert. They have homemade pop tarts. Yep.

Have a great week!



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