Weekend Reading


OH happy day! It’s the weekend.

Stoked it’s the weekend. Been battling a cold and homework while at the same time pulling all-nighters at the store! Joy. No Sleep + Being Sick = Never getting better. Tonight, after not going to bed until 5am this morning for a few measly hours of interrupted sleep, I am going to finally attend Toronto Fashion Week. A few friends and I are hitting up Stephan Caras and then going out for dinner. Even though I am insanely tired and probably burnt out, I am very much excited to finally get to a show this week. And then I’m also equally excited to go to bed after. And the next night. As for you lucky readers, I put together a mash up of my favourite things on the internet this week.

1.  A Few tips from Vogue:  Stay in shape with Nike.

2. Have you seen the new Clueless Music Video?

3. It’s finally Spring (at least according to the date). Check out the best floral outfits for this season.

4. Love this article about things Creative People do differently.

5. Spring Trends by the letters A-Z.

6. I can’t get enough of Between Two Ferns with  Zack Galifanakis and Obama . Great way to advertise Obamacare! While on the topic of the Obamas, you should probably also watch this.

7. Call me Drunk In Love with these sweatshirts.

8. Does Drinking Make You Funnier?  Only way to know is to ask someone sober right?

9. Brought to you by the creator of cronuts, how genius are these?

Hope you have an awesome weekend. And get some sleep!



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