The Valentine’s Day List


Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Regardless if I am in a relationship or not, I always get excited for Valentine’s Day. The whole love theme and red and pink colours that are just super girly really inspire me to do something special each year. Whether it’s baking for friends and family, giving myself a bouquet of pink peonies or cooking a significant other an amazing dinner at home, it is really a day that everyone should embrace rather than fear (I’m looking at you single ladies)!

Here’s a little list of my fave things this Vday:

1. Host a Valentine’s Day Surprise Brunch with your girls.

2. Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year. Go out and party wearing this getup.

3.  Make whoever your heart desires these sweet treats.

4. See this movie. Love at its finest

5. Going on a date? Here are the 10 most romantic restaurants in Toronto.

6.  Gift yourself something special.

7. Are you dressing to impress someone? Read this.

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.



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