Hangover Essentials


Hope everyone’s holidays are going well. I am currently in Palm Springs with the family for a couple weeks and will be taking it pretty easy this New Years Eve. Nothing crazy planned. However, I know from past New Years Eve’s experiences, it tends to leave one feeling less than fresh and bright on New Years Day. It’s funny, people make resolutions to leave behind the previous year and start fresh with serious health and fitness goals, yet the majority of these people always start the New Year off feeling awful and tend to sleep the day away. Therefore, I thought it was necessary to share my Hangover Essentials with you in order for you to spend the day as best you can, may it be lying on the couch, watching movies and hiding away from the blinding light of the great outdoors.

1. Cute hangover duds are a must. Try these cashmere  sweatpants that are a little more put-together than your typical loungewear. Pair them with a fun tee and giant cardigan for maximum comfort.

2. My favourite thing to do when I am hungover is to simply curl up with a cozy throw and watch TV. Movie suggestions include Despicable Me 2 (hilarious) or The Prisoners (Thriller/pretty dark, but contains Jake Gyllenhaal). TV series suggestions include Girls Re-runs (because we can’t wait for season 3) or Reign episodes (hello Gossip Girl in Medieval times). 

3. Also necessary are a cute pair of slippers to keep your feet warm if you have to (and only if you have to) get up — perhaps to refill that glass of water? Also seriously amazing for hangover days is this slipper and eye mask set (cue cat lady stereotype).

4. Everyone has their own advice for curing a hangover… check out this hilarious post on thirteen supposed hangover remedies that are put to the test by real victims (hint: not all of them work).

5. Feeling cold or shaky? Cozy up with one of these guys and pop an ibuprofen ASAP.

6. The most important hangover essential is copious amounts of liquid. My personal favourite hydrator is coconut water, which contains plenty of electrolytes and is extremely refreshing if served chilled (don’t believe me? Read this). If you detest the flavour of coconut water and can’t manage to get water down, I recommend trying one of these recipes.

7. Lastly, if you’re feeling up to it, try making one of these mouth-watering pancake recipes. You gotta eat at some point right?

Happy New Years Everyone!



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