Saturday Reading


Hey There!

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas spent with family and friends. I’m so grateful that my holiday break extends until January 13th and I am officially on holidays from work as of today. I will be spending my two weeks in Palm Springs exploring some new restaurants and reading by the pool. LA will also be getting a visit from me….in particular The Grove and Disneyland with my niece and nephew.

Today I’m just sharing a few things that have sparked some interest this week:

1. This post on the poem Brad Pitt wrote to his wife. It is something that all men should read.

2. This beauty product. I am not a fan of oil on the face, but this stuff makes your skin extremely moisturized and smooth. Try it!

3. For all of you Vancouverites who want to get out of the city. Head down to Seattle for the weekend and read this post before you go with tips on where to eat, stay and play.

4. These books. I recently got my parents the West Coast one and it provides a 36-hour overview of what to do in West Coast cities. Perfect for their drives down to Palm Springs.

5. This Dress for NYE that I’m in love with. Perhaps paired with these shoes.

6. This guide to New York. Absolutely amazing. If you plan on visiting New York, or simply already live there, this is the guide to follow. I promise.

7. This 15-minute-workout for all you ladies who just don’t have time to hit the gym this holiday season. Also loving it Girl Adrianne Ho’s Fitness and Lifestyle Blog: Sweat the Style.

8. For any of those going away on vacation like myself, I suggest reading this article on how to pack, with tips from the top Fashion Stylists. If you’re simply going away for the weekend it wouldn’t hurt to tote one of these around.

As you can tell I’m a little obsessed with travel right now. Hope you guys found some good ideas.

Happy holidays and vacationing!



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