Monday Obsessions

Hey Everyone!

I have been AWOL from Lo and Sparkles for a while because I was working on this. It’s a blog I created using Dreamweaver where I made up all the design and everything!! No template needed. It was a school project. However, I havn’t decided to keep going with it yet. For now, I’ll keep posting on here.

I just sent in my final paper for the semester and am beyond excited to be home in Vancouver for the holidays.


For this Monday I put together a small list of things I’m currently obsessed with. Here it is:

1. This album. Specifically this video/song.

2. This post on how to make the perfect bath. 

3. This jacket that I got for Christmas. It looks amazing with a pair of light wash skinnies and heels.

4. These cookies. The recipe I use calls for brown sugar and no vanilla extract. They literally take about 15 minutes to make. No flour used.

5. This book that I’m currently reading. It’s a feel-good story that you should take on your next vacay or curl up by the fire to read on cold days.

6. This perfume and this hand cream.

7. This post on 10 things to do instead of what you should be doing brought to you by funny lady Zooey Deschanel.

8. And finally, the 12 days of Madwell mini video clips, in particular Look Number 9.

Hope this made your Mondays a little bit more enjoyable!



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