Airplane Style

Hey Everyone!

Happy July! I’m sorry I havn’t posted in the last two weeks, but I’ve been a little crazy busy with my new position as Online Intern for Western Living Magazine. I’m learning a lot about coding and HTML, which isn’t very fun, but as many of you bloggers or computer nerds know well – is very useful.

Anyway, I’m so excited for this Saturday, in which I am leaving on a girl’s trip with my sisters and mom to Chicago! A while back, I had passed through the city, staying briefly overnight, and completely fell in love with it. From the jaw-dropping architecture to the Magnificent Mile, I love everything about Chicago. I’ll be bringing my camera in order to document the trip and give you a Playing Tourist piece that tells you all the chic places to shop, eat, and play! For now, I wanted to share with you my airplane style:

Airplane Style
The Row maxi dress / Alexander Wang Sandals / Madewell leather tote / Kate Spade Ipad mini Case / Fresh sugar lip treatment / Lululemon Water bottle / Flight 001 Eye Mask / J.Crew Passport Holder/ Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones

(1) After flying back and forth between Vancouver and Toronto about a zillion times, I have come to the conclusion that when travelling, you want to (A) be comfortable and (B) travel light. Even though you are going for comfort, you don’t want to sacrifice style, so I suggest a long jersey knit Maxi dress (preferably not strapless – you don’t want to be tugging it up all flight) and a simple jean jacket to go with it. I’ll occasionally bring along a cozy waffle-knit scarf that doubles as a blanket for when your inconsiderate seat-mate decides to blast the air-conditioning.

(2)  I recommend you leave heavy metals at home. You want to make the process of going through security as smooth as possible, therefore setting the metal detectors off is not exactly acceptable in the name of fashion. This also goes for shoes. Since removing your shoes is usually required, pack your strappy-sandals away in your suitcase and dawn a pair of slip-on sandals like these chic Alexander Wang ones shown above.

(3) Because flying is super dehydrating I recommend you bring your own water bottle to fill up. I unfortunately learned the hard way not to carry any water in your bottle before you go through security (goodbye Lululemon water bottle, safe travels in LAX).

(4) When deciding what to bring on the plane, I suggest you ask yourself what you will actually need. And once you’ve put together a list of a couple things, I suggest you ask yourself which of these things you will actually need. When on shorter flights (2-6 hours) you should limit yourself to (A) some form of entertainment,  (B) water (and snacks?), and (3) Lip Balm since the cabin get’s so dry. My personal favourite is Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, which comes in a variety of tinted colours and also features SPF 15 (yay sun protection!). I also like to bring along my iPad (with a cute case, of course) so I can easily download magazines and books instead of tote around ten pounds worth of paper. Once you’ve decided what to bring on the plane with you, I like to pack everything in a light weight tote bag that lets you easily access your items.

(5) Lastly, whether you’re on a red-eye or not, and you want to sleep, I highly recommend (A) an eye-mask, (B) noise-cancelling headphones, and (C) one or two Gravels. Airplanes can be extremely loud and bright,  and when you’re trying to sleep that’s probably all you’ll be thinking about. The noise-cancelling headphones will also allow you to watch the latest episode of Suits in peace (hello, airplane engines, be quiet?).

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my airplane style guide and stay tuned for my post on Chicago!

Safe Travels!


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