The Evil Eye

Hey Everyone!

Happy Friday. Just wanted to give a quick update on life:

First: I am currently searching (desperately) for a summer job (or two). I’ve landed one part time retail job and am looking for something else to occupy my time (and look good on my resume) this summer. Job searching is NOT fun.

Second: Canucks are in the playoffs, so spirits are high in Vancouver. I can honestly say there is no better time to be in the city. It has been generally sunny for the last two weeks since I’ve been home and it’s absolutely stunning! People are happy, the rain is holding off, and the Canucks are set to play for at least three more games….(hopefully more). As the Canucks are Vancouver’s only National Sports League team, we take pride in cheering for them; whether you are a long-time devoted fan, or a jump-on-the-bandwagon-at-playoffs type of fan, we all come together putting aside our differences in order to share a common dream. It is truly amazing to experience and it’s really too bad Vancouver doesn’t have any other big sports team (hello, bring back the Grizzlies).

To those of you that don’t live in Vancouver, I encourage you to visit!!! And I’m sorry to bore you, I’m not writing today to rave about my home town…

Third: I am obsessed with this trend: the Evil Eye – originated in the Middle East, the evil eye is said to be the look of envy that may cause injury or illness if bestowed upon…. Although I’m not too concerned about its meaning, I love the cute little charms that have been popping up everywhere. Funny enough, last summer my parents came home from Turkey toting bracelets and keychains containing the evil eye charm. I immediately brushed the (what I thought of as) tacky souvenirs off and gave my mom the look that says … what the heck? …(a) that’s creepy and (b) so not cool mom!

Now I can eat my words.

My favourite piece is this bracelet by Jennifer Zeuner. Just the way I like my jewellery…it is simple and elegant and can be worn on a daily basis with any outfit.

Find it at


That’s all for today.

Enjoy the game, have a good weekend, and be safe!




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