Where have I been?

Hey everyone!

haha the infamous question.. where have I been??? what happened to blogging? Well my friends, it is similar to when you go away to school and you lose contact with your best friend from home, but you know in the end, you’ll always be best friends and that they will always be there. See, my blog will always be there for me so I feel like it’s okay to be inconsistent. Even though you always have that nagging feeling in your gut, telling you to get in touch with that friend…or in my case, that little voice telling me to write something in your blog!!. Yes, don’t get me wrong. I have tried to write, but every single time I get the old blog up and running I run into an obstacle… see for the last 4 months or so, I have been desperately searching and begging my creative juices to work for once when I actually need them in order to come up with a new blog title. I was so bent on creating a new blog, something that would be super cool and fresh to death, which would parallel the new beginnings in my own life. It’s not so easy. Blog titles…. you have been the death of me. And I have given up. Well no, I havn’t given up, but I have come to the realization that I want to love and nurture this blog and develop it, as it was the foundation and start of my blogging career. (OK, let’s be realistic here….what blogging career?). Anyways, short story is that I am sticking to my origins, and I’m going to work to the best of my abilities to make this blog the best it can possibly be (common people, follow me already).

Anyways, onto the topic of new beginnings… I am graduated, done, finished, completed my undergrad. Goodbye long hours of studying, followed by highly stressful test taking, excruciatingly painful paper writing sessions, and ridiculous expectations of power-tripping professors. Hello real life. Okay, well to be honest, I am not actually graduated. I still have to take one course this summer in order to complete my required credits (details, details). I’m all moved out and have said goodbye to my bestest of friends (without crying), but will probably be returning because I can’t stay away (um froshweek? homecoming?). Even though I feel like I didn’t learn anything important in school, I can honestly say I had a really REALLY good time.

I recently had an interview (well about half an hour ago to be exact) and the lady asked me what I learned in school over the last four years. I gave her the most ogling look because I didn’t understand why this was relevant to the job…. but answered that I learned I love to write. I left out the part that I learned my love of writing because I decided to volunteer at the newspaper and also start my own blog. I didn’t mention that all the writing I did for my major made me second guess myself as a writer and eventually feel as if the act was a slow torturous process…. English major… more like irrelevant, ridiculous, and pointless to real life major. The only thing I enjoyed was reading a few select books out of the 100+ that I read and making new friends in class by bonding over our shared dislike of the English program. One of my required classes I needed in order to graduate was Old English…it sounds easy enough, but try reading BEOWULF in Old English… it’s a completely different language with different letters and new words and everything. And it’s also a dead language, so nobody uses it anymore. Wow so necessary… thank you Guelph.

But enough of my ranting… onto the new… in the fall I will be attending Ryerson University in order to complete my Masters in Fashion. Pretty fancy… this Masters stuff…seems so grown up and so mature, which I am not (at all). I will be living in Toronto for at least the next two years, and hopefully pursuing my dream career in fashion journalism. Exciting right?

So, just wanted to give everyone a heads up, I will be consistent. Consistency is key – they say that all the time about blogging, I don’t even need to quote anyone – it’s a known fact.

Expect to hear from me over the summer, because I plan on providing my readers with all they deserve: superficial and aesthetically pleasing material!!!





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