Christmas Gift Guide

Hey everyone!

Happy Holidays! I am so glad to be done school; it has literally been the most hectic (and most fun) semester I have ever had. Although it has been a bit crazy, it flew by and I am most definitely excited to graduate this spring. I have been ready for this winter break since school started in september and I am so glad its finally here! Vancouver is by far the most rewarding place to come home to for the holidays, with the mountains ready for skiing and the beautiful ocean as a scenic background to the daily sea-wall runs.

Every year I always look forward to shopping for Christmas presents. Even though it is tough to withdraw from buying myself something while spending hours in malls and shops, I still get a surge of joy when I feel as if I have picked the perfect gift for someone. I don’t know about everyone else, but I have finished all my christmas shopping already (hurray!), but for those who need more ideas, I have compiled a list of stuff I would like to receive or that I thought would be cool gifts to give to those you love/ have to give a present.

1. For the best friend: I know most of my girlfriends always enjoy cozy homebody gifts:

A pair of cozy pajamas with a cute print:

J. Crew Short Sleeve Pajama Set in Anchor Print $100.00


A set of holiday-smelling candles:

Volupsa Vermeil Collection Candle $68


For those attached to their Iphones:

Printed Backup Battery Charger in a cute print from JCrew: $47.50


2. For the Brother/Boyfriend/Dad: I’d go for more techie, useful gifts:

For the runner, a pair of earbuds that actually stay in place and cancel out noise while jogging:

Powerbeats by Dr. Dre in-Ear Headphones $125.00


For those who have trouble with the Iphone touch screen:

Keyboard Buddy Iphone 5 Case: $100


For those who love to eat (who doesn’t?) Gourmet Food Delivery: Websites such as or deliver in the US anything from gourmet candy gift baskets to movie night gourmet snack sets. I recently sent my boyfriend in Boston an apple pie, which he loved!


3. For Your Mum: I usually like to stick to the classics:

For the fashionista: A chic pair of the signature Tory Burch Flats $195


For the Kitchen Buff: Cute Baking or Kitchen Accessories:

Pop-Print Measuring Spoons from Anthropologie: $18.00


or a cute printed full length apron like this one from Anthropologie $22.40


4. For all others: the grandparents, the boyfriends family, housewarming gifts, and more:

A big cozy blanket is always a good idea. Chapters/Indigo and places like Urban Barn have a good selection:


Baked Goods: this is my go to for my grandparents; they always love a good christmas cookie. Find recipes on

Well I hope I provided some help for those scrambling to get last minute gifts. I’m sure whatever you decide to give this year will be much appreciated. May all of you have a wonderful Christmas and I hope to follow up with a new post describing all of my holiday activities and adventures soon!

-Love Lo


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