Summer Bucket List

Hey everyone!

Sorry I havn’t written anything in a while. I have been so busy with online classes, work, my internship and coming back to Vancouver for the summer! I was reading Lauren Conrad’s blog the other day and she made a summer bucket list, which inspired this posting. I figured I have so many things I always say I want to do, but half of them I never get to do!


So here goes. My Summer Bucket List: (some of these things I have already proudly accomplished!)

1. Bike Stanley Park – so touristy, but so necessary… you get the best views of Vancouver and exercise at the same time… I actually checked this off my list this past week. It wasn’t the sunniest of days, but it was still pretty beautiful. Reminds me why I love Vancouver so much.


2. Outdoor Movies – once again at Stanely Park, and also have completed this component of the list – so far I have seen Zoolander and Spaceballs – and I am hoping to see Sing-a-long Grease in two weeks time!

3. Visit Whistler – I have been home for almost a month now and have yet to visit Whistler!!! I’m planning on getting up there one sunny day next week – will bike the trails in the morning and hit up Lost Lake during the day for some tanning. For lunch, we will probably go to the Longhorn

4. Go boating!!! I missed the last boating trip my friends had, but hopefully before I leave i will get to go out on the ocean and visit Lions Bay for some Cliff Jumping.


5. Baking class – done, done, and done! Learned how to decorate cupcakes with buttercream frosting and even fondant!

6. Visit Seattle – another mandatory summer day trip – To do my back to school shopping of course at Nordstrom and perhaps see a Mariners Game!

7. Kayaking and Paddle Boarding in the ocean – even though I only live a couple blocks from the ocean, I’ve still never managed to go kayaking or paddle boarding in Vancouver. Both are a great work out


8. Hike the Chief! – hiking trail up in Squamish – I think I have been saying I’ll do it since I was in 1st year. Well this is the year!

9. Go to Canada’s Wonderland – when I go back to Ontario in a month I have to go to the water park!

10. Learn something new – beading class is what I have my hopes set on – to make the bracelets that everyone has!! Will post as soon as I learn how to make one!


And thats it for now… Obviously there are so many little things I need to do before I go back to school again. I only have 3 weeks before I leave for Osoyoos with the fam and then back to Toronto with my mom. We are planning on doing lots of shopping and even got a spot in the audience of the TV show Cityline (my mom’s fave show). The week after I will be attending a wedding (in which I need to find a new dress for) and then hopefully spending time with my Nathan since he has been away in India all summer!!

Thats it for now….

I hope your summers are going well!



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