February: Love is in the air

Hey everyone

I know its been a whileeee and I’m sorry I’ve just had the week of death. Too much school work.

Anyways, now that its february and almost Valentines day and reading week (Hooray!) I thought I would blog about some things.


Feb. 19, Khloe and Lamar is back on E! I know a lot of people don’t like the Kardashians (that’s fine) but I personally love them so I thought I’d let everyone know.  There’s also a ton of cute movies out including The Vow (feb. 10th), This Means War (feb 17th with Reece Witherspoon! LOVE her) and Wanderlust (Feb. 24th) with Paul Rudd and Jen Anniston! These are defs must-sees for meee!!


Valentines Day is coming up!

What are you guys planning? I know all I’m doing is cooking a wonderful dinner for my guy and maybe lighting some candles and watching a movie.! Nothing crazy this year. Maybe I’ll make some red velvet brownies too….Third,Reading Break!!! It could not come faster for me as I have been swamped with school and spending my life in the library the last couple weeks. Cannot wait to go home this thursday back to the dub V and spend time with friends and family. As welll… I will be driving across Canada to bring my car back to schooL! Yippeeee !

OK thats all for now!! Happy Valentines Day friendsssss

Love Lo


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