It Girl: Lily Collins

Hey everyone!

So I recently watched the movie Abduction with Taylor Lautner and I have a new girl crush: Lily Collins. In the movie she plays Karen Murphy, Lautner’s love interest and sidekick. I had heard of her before, but never became as interested as I am now! She is daughter to the famous musician Phil Collins and she was born in Surrey, England. Currently living in Los Angeles she is enrolled in broadcast journalism at USC! Very impressive. Not only does she have amazing style, but she has written for various magazines such as seventeen and Elle Girl and has been featured in magazines like Teen Vogue.

Her next movie out is called Mirror Mirror, which is a new take on the Disney Classic Snow White. Lily Collins of course is set to play snow white, opposite of the evil step=mother who will be played by Julia Roberts. I can definitely say this is a must-see for myself!

She is definitely an up and coming actress and I highly suggest you all keep an eye on her. That’s all for now!! Keep Reading my posts !! Thanks guys

Love Lauren


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