Happy New Year

Hey everyone. Hope you all had a good new years and christmas break! I had an awesome time up in Ellicotville in New York. The place we stayed at was super cute and it fit 20 of us into one condo. It was a typical ski resort place with a small main street with little restaurants and bars and a surrounding forest. On the way up we picked up 2 kegs and numerous bottles of hard alcohol which lasted us a total of 1 night, although it was supposed to last us 2 (typical). The first night some of us went to the little weirdo bar (was packed with old creepy people) and the 2nd night we had a deep-fried turkey dinner! We even drove to Pennsylvania to get some fireworks (well, I got cracker jacks).

I know I have a couple resolutions I would like to make. First and foremost, (which probably 1/2 of all people make) is to be healthier. I’m talking about getting to the gym more than twice a week and to cut down on the junk food! I’m planning on doing a yoga and pilates class with friends, as well as volleyball intramurals and powderpuff football! Hopefully I can keep this resolution up … it always weans around march or so when you get into the winter drabness right before spring.

My second resoultion is to keep up with my blogging!!! Hopefully I’ll start doing some shorter but more frequent blogging for you guys.

My third resolution is to become a better cook! I want to learn how tomake more delicious meals and impress others with my cooking skills! I think after this semester of school I’ll  take a cooking class and maybe even a baking class. Who doesn’t love baked goods?

Hope you all have your resolutions in check!

Anyways I just wanted to do a quick update and send everyone the best for the new year!

Enjoy your time before school starts!

Love Lauren

Happy New Year!!


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