It’s almost Christmas!

All I Want For Christmas Is youuuu….

So who’s excited for christmas? It’s officially black Fri and I’m aloud to talk about christmas. Bring out the christmas songs (new J BIEB CD and Michael Buble CD), bring out the christmas lights, the decorations, the tree! the christmas baking and whatever else your little hearts desire. Christmas/december is my second favourite time of year. Classes are ending, the first snowfall is here and the holidays are on the way; What more incentive do you need to get through finals?

And what have you planned for the holidays? I know I will make you all jealous when I come back from hawaii tanneddd like a mofo . yes thats right. im going to hawaii for christmas MAUHhah.

If youre not lucky enough to get away somewhere hot then please enjoyyyyy the yummy goodness at starbucks (skinny peppermint mocha anyone?) and cozy up by the fire in pajamas and slippers !

Don’t forget to leave out cookies and cocoa for Santa (and carrots for the reindeer of course!)

I also have a definite list of TO DOs that must be completed when I go home to Vancouver.

To do List:

1. Find a place that serves Borsch (Ukrainian Beat soup) with sour cream – it is amazing.

2. Hit the slopes – here I come whistler – I missed the real mountains we have in BC

3. Visit my brothers new place! He just moved out of the house to Dunbar out by UBC! woo ! All grown up

4. Shopping (of cousrse) – christmas present shopping for fam and friends, and boxing day sales

Also, have you made your christmas list yet?

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice everyone has something on their list they really really want.

This year. Im asking for clothes, makeup, money. Just the basics. Nothing crazy.

Heres a little sample

1. From Aritiza, the t. babaton Bennett dress in Abyss

2. These sequin sperry topsiders with velvet laces

3.  Philosophy Old Fashioned Eggnog Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath

4. And…. a Chow chow puppy (a girl of course so it can be Smokey’s girlfriend!)

I may not get that last one…. but a girl can dream


I hope you all have  wonderful christmas holidays!

Merry Christmas!



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