So this is what blogging is…

Hello all.
Honestly I never really liked blogs and didn’t understand them or their point. But I’m just gonna give this a go…
So I have to clear this one thing up before you judge me…
I love my cat threezie. But. I am by No means a crazy cat lady. I like my cat . MY CAT. Not all cats . MY CAT. I don’t have plates and cups and other kitchen wear with little pictures of cats all over them. I don’t love every single cat I see… I don’t love my friends cats. I love MY CAT. Just like you love YOUR DOG… you crazy dog lady . Obviously if I see a kitten I’m going to like it. WHO DOESN’t like a kitten? WHO doesn’t like a puppy? So back off people.
Now that I have that cleared up I am just going to use this post as a introduction, nothing special.
So my names Lauren
I’m from the best place in the world (VANCOUVER) .
And I go to school in Ontario (GUELPH) – it’s not a farmer school/town I swear .
I’m majoring in English. Would like to work in the publishing industry, preferably in New York and preferably for a Fashion magazine. Woo. So i figured this is what most people in that industry like to do. SO i better jump on the band wagon.
Thank you for reading this… and please keep reading in the future.


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